Biologic Dentistry

A healthy smile that will last you a lifetime depends on every part of your mouth—teeth, gums, muscles, and bones—fitting and working together. There should be a natural balance and proportion to every part of your body, including the parts of your mouth. But if one part isn’t positioned correctly, then it has an effect on the rest of your mouth and can cause problems for you later in life.

It’s just as if your car hasn’t been assembled correctly, or there’s a minor flaw in one part of the transmission. You can be faced with a breakdown years after you bought the car and not really know why.

Biologic or bioesthetic dentistry is a branch of modern dentistry devoted to achieving that balance to avoid problems like tooth wear and cracking, trouble chewing and swallowing, and headaches, soreness, and fatigue from compensating for poor equilibrium between all the parts of your mouth.

Biologic dentistry is not about cosmetic perfection, or about fixing a problem with a crown or implants. It’s about preventing problems by evaluating whether the parts of your mouth are in correct proportion and are working together in harmony. By making adjustments to the proportions of your teeth and jaws early, it’s possible to avoid more dental work (and expense) later in life.

Your dental health doesn’t stand alone, either. It’s an essential part of the total body, and plays an important part in overall wellness and avoiding serious diseases. Many eastern and holistic therapies are based on achieving balance and harmony among all of the body’s systems, and bioesthetic dentistry is similar in its approach.