A frenum is a fold of tissue that is attached to your lip or underneath your tongue. The frenum serves no beneficial function but can cause some problems.

If the frenum grows between the top two front teeth, it can cause the front teeth to separate and create a space called a diastema. Even if the space is closed orthodontically, the frenum attachment will frequently cause the space to redevelop unless removed.

If the frenum attaches to the gum tissue near the crown of the tooth, it can cause deterioration of the gum and bone supporting the tooth and result in root exposure called recession.

A frenum that is too strongly attached from the tongue to the lower jaw bone can cause a person to be “tongue tied” or have restricted tongue movement. This can affect normal development, speech patterns and the health of the gums behind the lower front teeth.

The removal of the frenum attachment by a frenectomy procedure can restore normal health and function of the teeth and gums.

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