Connective Tissue Grafting

Connective tissue grafting is a gingival grafting technique used to re-establish the supporting tissue around a tooth and to cover the root of the tooth. What differentiates a connective tissue graft from other tissue grafting procedures is the type of gum tissue used for the procedure, and the technique used for placing that tissue. Connective tissue grafting is usually considered the most ideal grafting technique when gingival grafting is necessary. The advantages of a connective tissue graft is that it provides the best opportunity for covering exposed roots, it has a very natural color match and if tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth, it provides for the fastest healing and most comfort. Many times we can use a connective tissue graft to restore a tooth to what it looked like before there was any recession.

When doing a connective tissue graft, the tissue source can either be tissue from the roof of the mouth, or it can be tissue from a tissue bank called an allograft. If tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth, the body will regenerate this tissue just like it does when you skin your knee. The advantages of using an allograft product is that Dr. Williamson has an unlimited supply of tissue to use, which is not the case when you use your own tissue, and the procedure is less traumatic because there is not a second surgical site in the palate.

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