Free Gingival Grafting

Free gingival grafting is a gingival grafting technique used to re-establish the supporting tissue around a tooth. What differentiates a free gingival graft from other tissue grafting procedures is the type of gum tissue used for the procedure, and the technique used for placing that tissue. A free gingival graft is taken from the roof of the mouth. The body will regenerate this tissue just like it does when you skin your knee.

The advantages of a free gingival graft is that it provides an excellent band of attached pink tissue around teeth and implants that is conducive to good oral hygiene and tissue stability. This type of grafting is an extremely predictable procedure and it is an effective technique for eliminating the detrimental effects of frenum attachments (soft tissue attachments from the cheeks to the gums that often cause damage to the gums surrounding the teeth).

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