Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

A beautiful smile is one of the greatest assets that anyone can have. A great smile gives you confidence and is a centerpiece to overall external beauty. Rarely will you see someone that you think is attractive that does not have a great smile to go along with their other physical attributes.

Some people are genetically born with a “gummy smile.” This gummy smile is frequently associated with short teeth which give a less than desirable aesthetic appearance. The relationship of the gum tissue and the size of the teeth do not fit well into the overall smile. In most of these cases, the teeth are actually a normal beautiful shape and size; however, the teeth never erupted completely through the gum tissue which makes them look short and disproportional to the smile.

Aesthetic crown lengthening is a procedure done to adjust the height of the gum line around the teeth. It positions the gum tissue to the level they were expected to be naturally and exposes the natural size and beauty of the teeth.

Aesthetic crown lengthening will make a drastic improvement to the overall appearance of your smile. It is an immediate transformation that cannot be accomplished by any other treatment. The impact is difficult to understand until it has been completed. Dr. Williamson has been doing this procedure for 20 years and he has not seen any other procedure that so dramatically changes the aesthetic appearance of a patient in such a short period of time. In addition to the dramatic aesthetic changes that aesthetic crown lengthening makes, most patients have a new sense of confidence. Patients who have spent their entire life being self-conscious about their smile are now confident in public.

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