Coronally Positioned Grafting

In most cases of gum recession in which corrective treatment is indicated, it is necessary to add new supporting tissues around a tooth from an external source to prevent further loss of the bone and tissue around the tooth. In some recession cases, the pink supporting tissue around the tooth necessary for long term stability is present; however, there is still some indication for treatment. Common indications for treatment in these cases are to improve aesthetics by covering the root and therefore returning the tooth to a natural length, to eliminate tooth sensitivity, or to cover exposed roots that are at high risk of developing cavities.

With a coronally positioned graft, the pink supporting tissue around the tooth is moved up on the tooth to its original position near the crown of the tooth. The advantage of a coronally positioned graft is that no external source of tissue is needed, it has a high predictability of success, and there is a perfect color match with adjacent tissues.

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