Implant Supported Dentures

The worst dental service offered today is a traditional mandibular denture (lower denture). Traditional lower dentures have a very poor fit, cause the bone to deteriorate over time and do not provide a good surface for chewing. Converting an individual from a traditional lower denture to an implant supported lower denture is likely the best service offered in dentistry. An implant supported denture will drastically improve your quality of life.

Maxillary implant supported dentures also have a much better fit than most traditional dentures. Implants supporting a maxillary (upper) denture help prevent bone loss, maximize stability and retention of the denture, and frequently allow the entire palate of the denture to be removed; this minimizes the amount of denture framework in the roof of the mouth. Implant supported dentures can be attached to the implants so that the denture teeth do not come out, or they can be removable. Dr. Williamson is happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both of these types of dentures.

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